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J'ai une confirmation que le Viper  aura une version 1.04

Yes the Viper has a 1.04 rating with an aluminum mast.

There is a calculator on this site that I used to determine what the Viper handicap is.

Simply by increasing the weight of a F16 to 125 kg you get a 104 rating

I hope to have 10 boats completed by Christmas and all but one will meet the 1.04 rating. The boat going to the USA has a carbon mast and will weigh about 4kg less. I am not pushing the carbon mast as it adds a lot of expense for no performance increase. 

My vote would be to ban carbon usage in F16 except for centerboards and rudders. I am concerned that the allowance of carbon and the very light weight discourages manufactures from building the boats and the boats have the potential to become extremely expensive. Neither of these is good for the F16 Class.

I will have a least 10 boats sailing in Europe next season.

Greg Goodall
Managing Director
Australian High Performance Catamarans
Ph +61 3 54436910

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Wouter Hijink 08/01/2008 13:26

Monsieur Goodall accompli a handicap 104 pour le Viper dans le system Texel, main n'est pas dans le system SCHRS/ISAF/FFV (handicap 1.03 ici, avec 125 kg)Je ne crois pas c' est une F104.Wouter Hijink